Why are the rates of separators motor sich 15-20% higher than its analogs?

315 views  May 24, 2019
The running time of cream separator Motor Sich is 20% more because of increased diameter of separator bowl – 11.5 cm, and its throughput is 15% higher in comparison with other separators, that have a typical bowl with diameter 9 cm. You can compare the size of separator bowl and plates with other manufacturer analogs and you’ll see: Separator Motor Sich works quieter than a boiling kettle and stands still without vibration because of perfectly balanced separator bowl from aluminum. You don’t need to attach a special ballast for balance unlike in the case of low-quality bowls: Separators Motor Sich will serve you more than 30 years because they are made of shock-proof materials: metal, aluminum-polycarbonate alloy instead of trivial polypropylene (plastic).

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