Why Do We Need Milk Separators?

A milk or cream separator is a device which uses centrifugal forces to separates milk into cream and skimmed milk. The separation technique is not a newly invented technique but it had been used by farmers for quite long. The farmers used to milk cows and goats to gather gallons of milk. The milk was used for further processing by pouring it in a milk or cream separator.

When milk is poured in a milk or cream separator, skimmed milk and solid fat is produced because of the centrifugal forces of a milk or cream separator. Farmers use skimmed milk to prepare cottage cheese. Skimmed milk itself is also a finished product because it has a high demand amongst diet conscious people.

The rest of the skimmed milk is used to feed cows, buffaloes and pigs. When skimmed milk is separated from whole milk, fat particles are produced. The fat part of the milk is basically the cream of the milk. The cream is saved to make butter and other products. If the cream is whipped using a beater, it absorbs air particles and becomes smooth and thick.