What is a Centrifugal Milk Separator

A centrifugal milk separator is a device used in a milk or cream separator. Centrifugal milk separator uses centrifugal and gravitational forces to divide a substance either liquid or solid into two or more substances. This device is usually used to separate milk solutions and gas mixtures.

The substance to be separated which is poured in a centrifugal milk separator should be a mixture of a heavy and a light content because when the mixture is spun around its axis, the heavy material settles down at the bottom of the container in the case of whole milk. When whole milk is poured in a centrifugal milk separator, heavier substances in milk gets settled down whereas the lighter substances start flowing on the top as the forces of inertia affect the mixture while it is spinning around its axis.

This shows that when a mixture is spun around its axis in a centrifugal milk separator, the substances are affected differently depending on their type. When the substance is separated in a centrifugal milk separator, they are collected in various ways. Most of the centrifugal milk separators have two separate compartments attached to it in which skimmed milk and cream is collected when whole milk is rotated on its axis in a centrifugal milk separator.

Depending on the type of centrifugal milk separator, the separated substance is either collected into separate compartments mechanically or physically separated. This method could also be done through the process of screening. When a mixture is spun in a centrifugal milk separator, the heavy particles start sticking on the walls of the machines and due to their slippery nature, they start settling on the bottom.

Centrifugal cream separator is used in many industries like paint, varnish, pharmaceutical and beverages firms to divide cream from milk sand from gravel and oil from water. Moreover, centrifugal milk separator could also be used to make syrups, sugars and malt liquors etc.