Various Uses of Milk Separators

Milk separators are machines designed to separate milk into cream and skim milk fast by use of the principles of centrifugal force. The milk tanks or holding containers are normally made of aluminum or other stain resistant material. The other parts may be made of metal, plastic or fiber glass.

Primarily, milk contains fat in microscopic sizes and obtaining these fat globules is a challenge and thus the need for a milk separator. The milk separator is also known as a cream separator. A cream separator applies centrifugal force to the milk. By spinning the milk in a tub, the lighter butter fat are shoved to the outer side of the tub and collected from there. The skimmed milk and cream from a mil separator can be used as a drink, to make cheese, butter, yoghurt, ice cream and other products.

Advantages of using skimmed milk and its products.

  • Skimmed milk stores most of the nutritional elements i.e. vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Skimmed milk and its products contain no fat and therefore cholesterol free.
  • Skimmed milk contains no additives and therefore safer for children, infants, the sick and also the elderly.

Consumers of skimmed milk include.

  • People with high cholesterol levels.
  • Vegetarians who don’t eat meat and therefore are looking for other alternatives of proteins in their diet.
  • Body builders, weight trainers and other recreational trainers who need protein in their diets.
  • Small children.

The use of milk separator in nondairy milk products

Cream separators can be used to process other milk types that are not necessarily from animal sources. This is milk obtained from other sources other than cows for instance milk obtained from plants like soy milk and coconut milk. Other grains like rice, almonds, oats and even corn.

These kinds of milk also contain a significant amount of milk fat. This can easily be obtained by the use of milk or cream separators. The fat content derived here can be used for cooking and making pastries. Coconut milk fat for instance is used for cooking rice.

Cream separators in the making of butter

Cream separators can be used in place of butter churns. Here the milk separator has to be modified and some parts removed so as to handle the difference in density that would come with the making of butter. Although a cream separator, it can also be used to separate butter milk from butter fat. Some models also have a dual purpose of a cream separator and a butter churn in the same machine.