Review of Motor Sich Separators

Separators are special devices used to separate product into fractions. In the process of separation separated substances do not change their chemical characteristics, so the product made is quality and natural. It should be pointed out that the result of separation is not absolute fractions, but products with predominant content of special substances. Separators began to be used in different activity spheres. Their useful qualities and advantages, which are ecological cleanness, operability, non-necessity of adding chemical substances must not be missed out.

Milk separators are useful in the mining industry, agriculture, medicine, and food industry. For dairy products separator is an essential device. Using it you can easily separate cream from milk, cottage cheese from whey, butter from cream and etc.. Motor Sich is one of the leading world companies specialized in manufacturing and putting into operation aircraft engines for airplanes and helicopters. But it is no the one activity sphere of the company. There is also the dairy industry among the company directions. Motor Sich Separators are centrifugal devices used to separate product into fractions.

Motor Sich has designed separators that provide simultaneous clean from mechanical admixtures and decontamination. Duplicate parts, accessories and instruments needed for operation are provided with the device. The plant guaranties high-quality service. The product line of Motor Sich separators includes various both electrical and manual devices. For example, Motor Sich separators of SZMR 80 model are designed to manual operation. Their function in separating milk into cream and skim milk as well as removing the pollutants got into the product after filtering. It is recommended to warm milk till 40-50 degrees.

Milk is flown during the separator cup rotation. The cream is gathering near the center of the rotor, and skim milk is gathering near the walls. Of course, the cream doesn’t remain in a cup, it is outputting through the special hole. Also, skim milk is outputting through the tube. In the separator manuals, it is pointed out that you can separate new milk as well as fresh warm milk, whey or buttermilk, filtered it through several cheesecloth stratums before. In the case of separating milk warmed to 50 degrees or higher or separating to cold milk, there will be large fat losses in the skim milk.

So, you get a little volume of output cream, and skim fraction is not skimmed. Also don’t separate sour milk, because separator will be always obstructed with protein mass, and the skimming process will be hindered. As a result, you should stop, break and clean separator very often that lower the product quality. Cream made with Motor Sich separators is a high-quality product in case of following certain rules mentioned above. Almost anything depends on feedstock milk and hygienic and sanitary conditions while processing and getting product. Many of the Motor Sich separators have a function of simultaneous removing the pollutants.It is very useful at home, when you do not have every time possibility to clean milk fully.

After all everyone always would like to get quality product whether it made for sell or for self-purposes. Also cleaning function is important when beating butter. Really, it’s better to get a clean product without any defects.Of course, you can filter milk through the cheesecloth, but not always you will get a good result. Motor Sich electrical separators solve many problems. But it is impossible to free a worker from the production process absolutely, because a separator can process up to 80 litres per hour, while cup volume is up to 12 litres.So it needs constant human assistance. Separator advantages on a standard way of cream and butter production are obvious.It used to top up big shallow tin or clay plate with filtered milk, and then the product should be left overnight.

Towards morning cream separates form milk, gathering at the top. The cream is collected by skimming, trying to guess the line between the cream and milk.And it is not the end of the process, cream should be infusing during 48 hours to mature.The main separator advantage is its quickness and operability. You should only add milk and press the button. Separation process and collection will be done automatically. All that necessary to do for the operator is device maintenance and keeping device clean, because following hygienic and sanitary rules is a pledge of quality. In addition to the cream separators there are also separators-churns used in making butter.

The principle of work is the same as in the cream separator, but it is topped up with cream. Also in such separators skim cream is returned, and the butter is beaten until a consistent ball will be formed. Motor Sich separator product line includes various models that can be used for getting butter, cream, cottage cheese, high fat cream as well was milk standardizing.

Every of these separators has a number of characteristics, advantages, and peculiarities. In addition to the distinguishing separators by the oxygen access, the models can differ by the way of removing external pollutants and impurities from the rotor and be periodical, with constant deposit discharge or pulsating. The latter constantly discharges deposit during the rotor opening that takes only a split second. Constant deposit discharge technology is used only in separators-curdmakers. Periodical separator is intended for removing impurities after disassembly of the rotor and its cleaning. Most of Motor Sich separators are pulsating, it simplifies the work process and rotor cleaning.