Milk Separator is a Machine That Uses Centrifugal Forces to Separate Milk

Milk is a primary source of nutrition for young mammals produced in the mammary glands of the female animal. Milk is consumed in two different ways, these are; Natural milk from the parent of the young ones i.e. breast milk for humans and milk obtained from domesticated animals for consumption by humans during and beyond infancy.

For milk from animals to be consumed by humans it has to be processed. This ensures it lasts longer, all the benefits are achieved and any diseases that may come with it are removed. There are various equipment used in the processing of milk, these include milk separators and cream separators.

A milk separator is a machine that uses centrifugal forces to separate milk into cream and skimmed milk. Before the advent of milk separators milk was allowed to sit for a time so that the cream could come to the top. Milk separators therefore save processors the time for allowing milk to sit. Milk separators are not only used at industrial levels but can also be found in large dairy farms and home for processing of milk that is used for subsistence purposes. A cream separator works in the same manner as a cream separator and does the same purpose of separating cream from milk.

Milk separator works by spinning the milk at a high speed causing the heavier milk to be pulled to the walls while the cream separates and collects in the middle. These two constituents of the milk then flow out through different channels.

Original milk separators were hand operated and used manual force to spin, as the industry has now evolved, there are milk separators powered from different types of energy including solar and biogas.
Milk separators have several advantages that include:

    1. Saving of time milk is separated from cream as opposed to letting it sit.
    2. Eliminating the risk of milk going sour while it sat in the containers.
    3. Milk separators ensure than milk is separated from cream completely.
    4. With improved processing, more milk is now processed at a time ensuring at supply.

Milk separators are available the world over and can easily be obtained from manufacturers of milk processing equipment. These manufacturers together with their dealership outlets provide the necessary support in terms of servicing, maintenance and spare parts.

For any dairy firm or milk processing plant looking to increase the output of their dairy products, milk separators are a sure way to go as they are effective, available, easy to operate and maintain.