Milk Is the Raw Material for Many Food and Dairy Products

Milk is a very useful product. Even in ancient times, healers advise patients to drink milk. Children, adults, sick and healthy people drank milk with pleasure. The ancient treatises say that milk is the best way to treat many diseases.

Today, the value of milk is a fact. Milk contains many substances, which are important for the human body: vitamins, enzymes, protein, lactose, minerals etc. All substances contained in milk are well digested by the body. Milk includes such proteins that can not be synthesized by the human body, for example, casein, globulin, and albumin. Globulin and albumin have antibiotic’s properties. Due to this milk can protect people from infection. So it is necessary to drink milk when we are sick.

Milk protein is very special. It is a biologically high-quality product and cheapest source of protein at the same time. Nutritional value of milk protein increases in combination with herbal products (bread, potatoes, pasta). People, who do not eat fish and meat, can use this characteristic to provide the body with high-quality protein. Dairy products are also a source of calcium. A person needs about 1 gram of calcium per day to maintain bone and teeth in good condition. It's difficult to be healthy without milk and dairy products.

Milk is the raw material for many foods and dairy products. People have been cooked dairy products for ages. Our ancestors ate sour cream, yogurt, and cheese for thousands of years. The creation of dairy products was a long and complicated process. Today there are many devices that can make the process of making dairy products easier. For this purpose, milk separators, cream separatorsand butter churns can be very useful.

This equipment can save your time and efforts on making dairy products and make the products better quality. The quality of milk separation using milk separators or cream separators depends on many factors. The most effective fat globules separation takes place at a temperature of 45–50 ° C. You can get cream 35–35% fat as a result of normal separation process.

Home butter-making took time and energy, but only needed simple equipment. Butter churn is an achievement of modern technology.

Today milk separators, cream separators, and butter churns are necessary equipment for all dairy product producers.