Milk and Dairy Products Are the Core Meals for the Majority of People

Milk has been always considered as one of the most valuable products. Milk and dairy products are the core meals for the majority of people. It is contained in the human diet from childhood and later it is used as a prevention and treatment of various diseases. This product is in the list of products allowed and even required by many nutritionists.

Today this product has been studied quite scrupulously, its chemical composition and physical properties are well known and the effectiveness is proved. A significant number of people just cannot imagine a day without a cup of milk.

-As the result of scientific research it was found out that the composition of milk is quite diverse and rich in useful substances and nutrients: 25 fatty acids, 30 minerals, 20 aminoacids, 20 vitamins.
- Aminoacids of milk are very well balanced. As a result proteins of milk digested for 98%.
- Milk proteins are the most valuable. They contain almost all indispensable aminoacids. Plenty of macro-and microelements in milk are extremely important for the process of blood resumption and bone tissue formation.
- American scientists researched the influence of milk on the cardiovascular system. They found out that the risk of such diseases as a stroke and hypertension is decreased by 50%.
The advantage of milk was proved long ago. We just need to take care of our health by using this product. Equally useful are also other dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt or sour cream. Dairy products obtain a result of milk processing.

For most people, making dairy products is a complex and long process. However, today there are many mechanisms that can greatly facilitate the preparation of dairy products and make the process more easy and entertaining. Indispensable for all dairy products producers are milk separators, cream separators and butter churns.

Milk separator allows for a few minutes to share the milk into a cream and a skimmed milk. This machine is intended for preparing different kinds of milk, kefir, sour milk and many others.
Cream separator will help you in cooking of such favorite products as sour cream, cottage cheese, curds cakes, pastes and creams.

A butter churn is a device used to convert cream into butter.

The choice of equipment depends on many factors. You can select one or separator churn according to the product that you cook often, or more machines. The main principle is to make the cooking of dairy products more enjoyable and fast process.