Manual Milk Separator Advantages

Most of the population in many countries live in small human settlements including countries and villages. Many farms keep cows, there are a lot of small farms that keep several cows, and the products received are selling or sending to dairy plants. In the summer and autumn milk yield is increasing, and the problem of fresh milk storage comes up. The best way out there can be a manual milk separator that allows processing perishable milk into the cream or butter, which are the more expensive long-lived products.

Manual milk separator is a centrifugal device. The milk is loaded into the special spinning cup. Water containing in milk is harder than fat floating in it, therefore water is gathering in the outer cup, while the fat is gathering in the middle part. Therefrom cream is carrying away through special pipes and draining into a separate reservoir. Processed (skim) milk can be used as a skimmed milk or in making skim milk cheese. It is a good dietary product that always finds a market.

Manual Milk Separator Advantages

Along with manual milk separators, there are electrically driven separators: they are more expensive but easier in operation. However, in some instances, manual milk separator may be more preferable than its electrical “brother”.Firstly, the manual separator can work without electricity that may be important in small settlements with electricity supply problems. Secondly, manual separator is a mechanical device that breaks down more rarely and repairs more easily than an electrical device. And finally, the manual separator is cheaper (the price difference is about 2,000 roubles).

Also operability should be pointed out. It may seem that electrical separator is better for use, because it does not need applying brawn. There is no doubt. However, constant human assistance should take place when using it. Please judge: cup volume is 5 litres, while middle separator capacity is about 50 litres. Consequently, it is necessary to fill up milk 10 times at least during an hour, i.e. every 6 minutes. Generally, no one household milk separator can operate without human assistance.

Manual Milk Separators Cost

A lot of manual and electrical milk separators are introduced to the market. Cost of the major part of devices begins from 2,000 roubles plus shipping cost.But there is no sense in choosing the cheapest separators. The most optimal is middle price segment: from 2,500 to 4,000 roubles. You may rest assured that for this money you will get rather dependable manual milk separator working for years. Electrical separators are more expensive and you should be very attentive buying them.The main thing in electrical device is electric motor dependability.

Household Manual Milk Separators Specifications

Despite variety of separators supplied in our country their specifications are in much the same: every manual milk separator has a cup for 5-5.5 litres of milk, can process 50 litres of milk per hour and has a weight about 3-4 kilograms. Also there are more powerful models. For example, Merry Farm Company supplies devices that can process 80 litres of milk per hour (50 litres per hour for electrical devices). Also, there are manual separators-churns that can be used for churning in addition to their forward functions.

It is interesting that separators are non-waste devices. The ways of using skim milk we mentioned before. Churn's by-product is buttermilk (low-fat cream) that is no good in making butter. Buttermilk is a very useful product, it contains a lot of vitamins and minor nutrient elements.It is used in making dietary products and confectionery. Buttermilk-based acidophilus milk is used for breeding young animals.

Household Manual Milk Separators Manufacturers

Nowadays there are several Russian and Ukrainian companies that manufacture manual milk separators. As a rule, there are both separation electrical devices, churns and other related products in the line of products. Separators that sells Merry Farm сompany well-recommended themselves at the market. They are easy in operation, robust and dependable.

You can also find other, cheaper models in the Internet. But their cheaper price is inconsistent in fact, in other words you should pay more every time.For example, very often the price for device is indicated without shipping cost, or such device has less capacity and it is less dependable. Until now we could not find more optimal offer than Merry Farm’s one.Product line of this Company includes churns, incubators, electrical spinning wheels and other household products.

Small household owners may regard manual milk separator as an unnecessary luxury: what an idea to buy a special device, if it is possible to make cream by simple gravity separation.There should be mentioned that the process of gravity separation lasts several days (while milk can turned) following temperature regime.And quality and quantity of the cream made by gravity separation is lower than ones of the cream made with separator. In other words, manual separator will be a good acquisition for any family.