Benefits of Goat Butter

With the help of a cream or milk separator, milk can be processed to make products like butter and skimmed milk. When milk is poured into a milk separator, the centrifugal forces of a milk separator remove the fat part from milk and pour it into another compartment. The fat part is used to make butter.

Although butter is made up of pure fat, the butter made especially from goat milk has a number of benefits. Goat milk butter has ingredients that benefit bowel inflammation.

In addition, goats takes less space than cows which makes it easier for the farmers to raise a large number of goats on their land and produce plenty of goat milk butter. Another biggest advantage of goat milk butter is that it contains short chain fatty acids CLA and medium chain triglycerides.

Butyric acid in short chain fatty acids and caprylic acid in medium chain triglycerides have the ability to improve intestinal health. People consume goat milk butter to lower the level of colonic pH. Acids present in goat milk butter also destroy harmful pathogens present in human body.

The most common harmful pathogen is Candida albicans.

Goat milk butter has the tendency to destroy harmful pathogens in human body because the molecules in goat milk butter are small in size hence, they can travel through the intestinal wall. Furthermore, another advantage of the small size of molecules is that it can be easily absorbed by the body.