Monthly Archives: March 2019

  1. Guide for Milk Cream Manual Centrifugal Separator 50 L/H RZ-OPS

    When buying a separator check its completeness under section 3 and the correctness of filling-in counterfoils No. 1 (date of sale and the shop’s stamp). A separator is examined and checked for completeness by a seller in the presence of a buyer. The claims on package contents lack are accepted from the trade organizations only. No claims are accepted from consumers.
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  2. Review of Motor Sich Separators

    Separators are special devices used to separate product into fractions. In the process of separation separated substances do not change their chemical characteristics, so the product made is quality and natural. It should be pointed out that the result of separation is not absolute fractions, but products with predominant content of special substances. Separators began to be used in different activity spheres. Their useful qualities and advantages, which are ecological cleanness, operability, non-necessity of adding chemical substances must not be missed out.
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  3. Milk Is the Raw Material for Many Food and Dairy Products

    Milk is a very useful product. Even in ancient times healers advise patients to drink milk. Children, adults, sick and healthy people drank milk with pleasure. The ancient treatises say that milk is the best way to treat many diseases.
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