Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. Butter is a Very Useful Product

    Butter is a very useful product. We can talk about the value of butter for a long time. It is so popular in cooking, medicine and cosmetics, that there is no sense to list everything.
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  2. Making Ice Cream Using Cream Separator

    Ice cream is a dessert made from milk and is served frozen. It is usually combined with other deserts and flavors that is sweetened using sugar or other kinds of sweeteners. Ice cream as the name suggests is made from cream that is obtained from whole milk. The cream is obtained or derived from milk by use of a centrifugal machine known as a cream separator. A cream separator separates all the fat from whole milk to form skim milk and cream.
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  3. Dairy Products Are Food Products Made from Milk

    Dairy products are food products made from milk. They are tasty, healthy and popular among consumers. One of the stages of the creation of dairy products is milk separation. This is the process of separating cream (fat part) and skim milk. In the past, milk separation produced by the gravitational method.
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