cream separatorMilk and dairy production play an important role in our everyday life. Every day milk industry provides population with thousands of various milk products, but not a lot of people have ever thought how milk processing happens in the industrial scales. At dairy plants during milk production usually used milk separators. 

They execute the process of milk separation on fractions with different densities. For instance, if we take milk and put it for some time, soon on the surface will appear foam. This foam has less density than the other components of milk. So if you taste it, then you understand that is nothing else but cream. The process of milk and  cream preparation is based mostly on this process.

For sure cream separator makes it even quicker. Besides use of separators in dairy industry doesn’t require any expenses on maintenance or repairing. The main advantage of separators is high efficiency of products cleaning. Thus separators can differ by their functional features. The basement of functional characteristics represent a milk product, which is prepared during separation. Therefore, all the separators can be distinguished according to their main purpose of separation. For instance, cream separators, milk separator, separator-normalizer. There are also separators which are intended on dehydration of curd junket and on getting high fat creams.

Actually it is not difficult to guess that cream separators are used in order to get cream from milk. Thus fatness of this cream can be different. But fatness of milk is regulated by separators-normalizers. Another important and irreplaceable process of milk cleaning from any admixtures is made by milk-cleansers.Though separators are very comfortable and easy-to-use devices, during wrong exploitation can fall out. For instance, if the allowable rate of rotation is exceeded it can become a reason of many damages, therefore the attention should be paid also to vulnerability of electric drive, as it may arouse changes in rates and voltage.

Using separator it is easy to keep to some certain rules, in order to avoid its fall out. Separator should be put on a smooth horizontal surface strictly vertically. Its position should be checked with the help of plumb. Fixing should be carried out through rubber buffer and with the help of bolts. After every 10-15 hours, it is necessary change oil in the gear, thus cleaning the surface from the old oil. Time of nonstop run should be not more than 1 hour. After use of milk separator it should be washed with soda liquor and dried properly.