milk separator

Typically, separation of milk in machines used to be performed with the help of manual separators. It is difficult to imagine that an apparatus can be accelerated to the rotation speed of 10 000 revolutions per minute by hand. However, such separators are supplied with special actuators increasing the effect, so it is quite possible to get high-quality cream in the required amounts.

But yet, electrical separators are in great demand and enjoy great popularity today. The separation principle is the same but the bowl is driven by a special electric motor, which greatly simplifies the process.

Yet, it is hardly truthful to say that electrical separators captured the market and manual devices are not used at all. In fact, manual separators sell just as successfully as electric. Why so? First of all, the main advantage of a manual cream separator is the ability to work without electricity. Both energy saving and technical capabilities are significant here as many villages do not have good sources of energy. Secondly, the design of these machines has certain advantages and they break less often, again, because they are not dependent on electricity. And, of course, one more pleasant thing is the reasonable price as electrical separators are more expensive.

If you want a milk separator to produce high-quality and environmentally-friendly products, it must be made of safe materials. Nowadays, two types of materials are used in production of plastics - metal and polymeric material. The difference in such machines is essential. Metallic devices are heavier and more expensive while the plastic ones are very light and much cheaper in cost. Experts say that the separators made of steel are of higher quality and robustness but in practice the difference is almost indistinguishable. Production hygiene and operating life only to 30% depend on the material the separator is made of. Another thirty percent includes construction quality and reliability that is the default factory settings. And in the rest machine’s reliability depends on careful use of the owner. It means when purchasing a high-quality plastic milk separator you should read the manual; this way it will serve you no less than will a separator made of steel.