Milk Separator – is a Device That Is Used To Separate Whole Milk Into Cream And Skim Milk

Separation of milk into fractions is crucial for the production of dairy products. Fatty dairy creamer in the future is used to get the sour cream and butter and skimmed milk becomes raw material for the production of cottage cheese,  brynza, cheese and other products.

Before the appearance of the separator for separating heavy cream milk was  simply asserted in a cool place. The lighter oils surfaced and were collected. However, this process of separation took a long time, and the quality of the product was not the best, with a large admixture of water.

Separator’s principle of operation  is extremely simple. Separation takes place under the action of centrifugal forces during rotation of the vessel with the milk at high speeds. Light cream come  in to the center of the rotating vessel from where they flow into a special container. Skim milk stays along the walls.

Separation of the milk is more efficient at a temperature of 40-45C. Cold milk gives a lower yield of cream.

Number of cream obtained depends from the separator’s operator and  quality of milk. The fatter milk - the more cream will separate. Milk quality is affected first of all by conditions in which cow leaves, time of  the year and health of the animal.

Depending on the capacity and volume of transmitted milk separators are divided into industrial and domestic. Domestic are used for domestic production, their power is not enough for the industrial scale. They are characterized by small size and high speed  of operation. The average speed of the separator  is 80 liters of milk per hour. Household separators can be plastic or metal.  Plastic separators are lighter and easier to use. As for metal devices they have high strength and reliability.

The separators may be equipped with a manual or electric actuator. Hand separators are revolved by man. Electrical separators use electric power to rotate the drum. Manual separator is, of course, much cheaper, but it is only suitable for processing small amounts of milk.