Milk is one of the most important agricultural products and an integral part of our diet. All wolrd nutritionists  recognize the benefits of dairy products for the functioning of the whole organism. These products are an essential part of the diet for people with various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Also people use  milk in its purest form. But it is much more popular are the various products of milk production, namely, kefir, fermented baked milk, cheese and feta cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream, butter, and more. There are biotechnologies developed for preparing these food products from milk.

Milk is a perishable product that can be stored no longer than a few days. In order to increase the shelf life milk is  pasteurized   and thermal treatment is used. The principle consists in multiplying pasteurization boiling of the liquid and subsequent packing in sterile containers. Pasteurization can significantly increase the shelf life of fresh milk. However, the milk can recycle it into other useful and tasty food products.

In order to obtain the fermented milk products, such as cream, sour cream, milk must be recycled. The core of dairy production is  separation process or division milk into factions. Milk consists of water and dissolved salts, proteins and fats. After separation  milk is devided into fractions and as the result above the water and proteins lighter oils come. As a result, two products are obtained: Skimmed milk and cream.

For the separation of milk into fractions milk separator is used. Separators can be  manual and electric, as well as with churn for getting butter from cream. The separators are needed not only on farms and dairies, and if your household has at least one cow, you can not do without it! Previously, in order to get milk separated, it was simply asserted, and the cream itself floated to the top. This process was very long and has given opportunity  to separate a small amount of cream. The milk separator  allows  to increase productivity tenfold. With even a simple separator, you can easily separate the cream from the milk and produce fermented milk products. Fermented milk home-made products are a much more tasty and healthy, compared to factory ones.