Milk is a highly perishable product and without pre-processing can not be stored for long time. For the production of dairy products, namely cream, sour cream, yogurt, butter, sour milk and yogurt to divide whole milk to heavy cream and skim milk. From the cream all above products are produced and at the time as a fat-free substrate is used in the production of cottage cheese and hard cheeses.

For effective separation of milk cream separator is used. Of course, the cream can be separated with simple settling. Before the invention of the separator on the farms, it was done this way:  milk was put in a cool place, and after a while the cream came up to the surface. However, the time required for such  separation is not rational, and the quality and quantity of separated cream leaves a lot to be desired.

Cream separator is used in the household and in large industrial factories. Cream separator  differs from conventional separator. It does not only separate fractionated milk, but also purifies it  by filtering and leaving skim milk and cream.

For the separation of the cream centrifugal force is used. For more efficient operation of the separator the milk must be preheated up to 40-45°C. Separation of cold milk also conducted, but it is less effective. Milk  comes not skimmed enough, therefore, it reduces the yield of cream.

Cream separators can be electric and manual. Mechanical separators are used to separate the milk by hand work, electric ones are powered by electricity. Modern electric cream separators can be integrated with advanced features. In particular, it is possible to set the desired initial fat level of cream.

Household  separator  design is extremely simple. All its parts are easily separated and washed. Household separators are characterized by low weight, long service  interval and high speed. They are suitable for domestic use and small farms. While  using modern cream separator milk losses are negligible.

The cost of device depends on its configuration. Mechanical cream separators are cheaper then electrical ones, the price of the latter depends on the characteristics. However, the cost of purchase  of the separator itself fully justified. Since the output you get is high-quality home cream - the raw material for the production of delicious and healthy  fermented dairy products.