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Company Merry Farm offers a wide range of milk separators, incubators and component parts. It is very simple to buy separator or incubator from us.


We are located in Kiev, Ukraine

We are located in Kiev, Ukraine

 To buy a product you need to send us an email with the request, call us or place order through our site. We will send your purchase worldwide.


We are located in Kiev, Ukraine

All products are in our stock

We offer a wide selection of high quality, modern, low-cost separators and churns for separation of milk that produce good quality domestic dairy products: cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, butter and others.


We are located in Kiev, Ukraine

Our separators and incubators - the perfect assistant to your farm that will serve you faithfully for many years




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Address (USA):  57407 Twp. 264 West Lafayette, OH 43845, USA

Address (Ukraine): 75, Kominterna str., Kiev, Ukraine


Skype: merryfarm

Phone: +1 917 383 16 75

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